Release Notes for 7/23/2015

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    [ SOUND ]
    – Reduced frequency of CT equipment sound.
    – Fixed a case where a dead player or dead bot played footstep sounds.
    – Removed minor audio artifacts and smoothed tails for FiveSeven and Glock fire sounds.
    – Fixed distant sounds for Galil.
    – New sand surface footstep sounds with additional variations.

    [ PHYSICS ]
    – Doors and moving trains now move at correct speed on servers with tickrate above 64.
    – Doors and moving trains will no longer get blocked by weapons or decoys.

    [ MISC ]
    – If mp_teammates_are_enemies is set when a round is won, round numbers now properly count and increment.
    – Fixed a rare purchasing issue when items purchased from limited-time offers resulted in an unredeemed claim item in inventory.
    – Fixed rendering of debug overlays sometimes not getting cleared when connecting to a new server.
    – Fixed P2000 viewmodel hammer pop when reloading.
    – Added in-game flags for Vietnam and Mongolia.
    – Added Gunsmith style to workshop workbench (for more information visit:

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