Release Notes for 3/5/2015

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    – Added round result history visuals to the scoreboard for Competitive games.
    – Spectators/casters can now use SHIFT when drawing on the map overview which will show the approximate time it takes to travel that (2D) distance.
    – Drawing on the overview map can now be done in two colors using left and right mouse buttons.
    – Lines drawn on the overview map are now smoothed.
    – The map overview drawing is now a bit cheaper to render.
    – Added a WIP “Grid” option to allow drawing to snap to a standard grid (that can be accessed for spectators if “mapoverview_allow_grid_usage” is 1).

    – Added server event logging for match start which also includes the team names playing as CT and T.
    – Added server event logging details for kills that occur with penetration, domination, and revenge modifiers similar to how the headshot modifier was logged previously.

    – Fixed the round stats sometimes reporting that the round ended by time running out when the bomb was defused.
    – Fixed a very rare case when Ts could kill a defusing CT, win the round, and a dead CT could still score a bomb defusal and earn defuse money bonus after the round was already over.
    – Added flavor text to Operation Phoenix collection weapons.

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